Industri Pariwisata dan Komersialisasi “Budaya Jogja”: Tinjauan Ekonomi Politik Lokal

David Efendi)*


This paper aims to explain and figure out the relationship between local politics, culture and business ten years before and shortly after UUK DIY has been implemented in this region. However, there are strong relationship between what is going on today in Yogyakarta and what was happening in the past time as people, in general, see them self as never be apart from their historical background. In so doing, this paper will discuss about local elite, which are consisting of politicians, royal families, and also ‘ethnic based-local businessmen’. Those actors provide a clear explanation about ’who get what and how’ in the field of local economic and market competition under the banner of Decentralization and Yogyakarta Special Privilege of regions status as well.

Keywords: Decentralized Democracy, Political Dynasty, Bourgeoisie, Local Politics, Cultural Production, Tourism.