Unconsolidated Politics Among Elites and Members of Muhammadiyah:

A Case Study of the 2004 and 2009 Presidential Elections in  Indonesia

                                                           David Efendi


Presidential elections as the political sites among people especially elites of mass organization has been playing a very crucial role in shaping and reshaping official politics in Indonesia since 1999 up to now.The public expectation might be to high to demand for more democratic state and participatory policy at the time of political ritual of elections.  However, a lot of case has been expressed about the unconsolidated picture between elites of civil society organization and its followers. The worst things even had happened which was an elite fragmentation in term of political interests and maneuver—and it had ended in the failed politics due to their candidate was totally defeated. This case can be explained by seeing one specific case of Muhammadiyah elite in facing presidential election in 2004 and 2009.

Keywords: elites, electoral democracy, fragmentation, consolidated politics.